Welcome to the new Midwest Treats!

Posted on February 2, 2020 | 2 Comments »

I know that things have been quiet around here for the past few years. I sometimes pop in to add a new flavor to the treats menu. I’ve also spruced the place up a bit here and there. I promise that this year it’s going to change. There are lots of things in store for Midwest Treats!

In the past few years my packaging has gone through many phases. I’m happy to announce that I have finally settled on packaging that meets every one of my needs. First, it was important that I use materials that are recyclable. My packaging, liners, and even the fill paper used for shipping can all be recycled! Second, I needed to make sure my packaging would keep my treats safe during shipping. This was an issue in the past. Many people have expressed that some breakage isn’t really an issue, but it is to me. Some treats are more delicate than others so some breakage cannot be prevented during shipping. However, it was important to me to limit the breakage as much as I possibly could. Believe me, if I could deliver each package myself personally I would! Last, my packaging had to be pretty. I love that it matches my pink/brown theme. I’m really hoping that you love it too!

So what’s all of this talk about shipping? I’m going to be offering shipping within the next few weeks. Please be patient while I work through this. There are many steps involved in this process. Test shipments being one of them. I’m happy to announce that my treats have made each and every trip safely. The final step is setting up my shop. Please check back for more information. Check out Midwest Treats on Instagram. I post lots of new treats, ideas, and even behind the scenes footage.

Thank you all for sticking around. :)